Menopause — death or rebirth?

‘What about me?

  1. It’s imperative that you do your soul work at this time, “cleaning up the first half of your life”. For example, if you’re in a marriage that isn’t working, it’s time to leave before you get far more serious health issues linked to your unresolved emotional baggage. (3), (5)
  2. Take Magnesium and vitamins D and B — Christiane says so many women are vitamin-deficient and come into menopause with adrenal burnout.
  3. Make sure you’re eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables.
  4. And then, for some women with particularly bad symptoms (assuming they are addressing all of the above) some individualised hormonal support such as progesterone cream for painful migraines or heart palpitations or oestrogen for hot flushes.
  1. CCB is a self-healing modality, meaning the facilitator or coach is not “doing” anything — the participant is experiencing healing with and through her own body (her body’s own higher intelligence is initiating the healing). Importantly, this is empowering and as we have seen, menopause can be an empowering moment in a woman’s life, despite western culture leading us to think otherwise. (1)
  2. CCB is designed to help the participant access greater lung capacity. Around 70% of adults are chest breathers, a few are belly breathers and very few breathe as a healthy newborn baby does, in their chest and belly. This helps women improve their lung function and improve their day-to-day breathing as they become more aware of their breathing patterns. This has a wide range of health benefits that includes alleviating stress and anxiety. Many women enter menopause with high levels of stress and adrenal fatigue. (2)
  3. CCB helps to put the body back to optimum factory settings; back to balance and harmony, which is hugely helpful when approaching and in menopause. Practicing CCB induces a higher vibrational state within our electromagnetic field. Lower vibrational energies (unprocessed emotional content) tends to entrain through the higher frequency, thereby becoming processed and non-toxic. (3)
  4. It’s not often talked about outside the scientific community, but we humans are electromagnetic beings. CCB works on the physical level by bringing more oxygen and energy into the body. The cells in our body rely on oxygen and energy for their fuel. Fully fuelled cells are healthy cells and when we have greater cellular health, we have greater bodily health. Our physical objective with a CCB session is to obtain optimum physical health, which is a massive asset for a woman as she moves through this transitional period, including improved immune system function. (4)
  5. CCB helps us to get clear of our emotional baggage. To be human is to have baggage, but what is emotional baggage? It’s energy (emotions are energy) that didn’t get processed the first time around. We’ve spoken about fight, flight and freeze and how we hold our breath during these moments of stress. This means that the body is unable to process the felt emotion and stores it to be dealt with at another time. Eventually, the body gets clogged up with unresolved emotions and these can begin to show up as illness or mental health issues and breakdowns. CCB helps to release this accumulated baggage in safe and gentle ways — a little like giving the body a spring clean with a feather duster. Keeping up the Breathwork practice, means that over time you can begin to get clear of this accumulation. There is no better time to get clear than menopause. (5)
  6. CCB also works on a spiritual level, although some may shy away from this term. Another way to interpret this is to say it helps us explore what it means to be human and gain a greater understanding of who and what you are and what has happened in your life thus far. Menopause is a perfect time for this exploration to take place. CCB helps you to go deeply into your body and explore the first half of your life. (6)



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